About Dr Vidal


  • 1994: Doctor in Medicine. University of Marseille. France.
  • 1998: Aesthetic Medical School. College National de Médecine Esthétique. Paris. France.
  • 2001: Post Doctoral Graduation in Medical Laser Techniques. University of Paris V. France.
  • 2002: Post Doctoral Graduation in Legal Body Injury Expertise. University of Paris V.France
  • 2004: General Medical Council registration 6110948. United Kingdom.
  • 2011: Associate Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors.United Kingdom.
  • 2015: Member of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male (I.S.S.A.M)


Dr T. Vidal Dr Vidal started Aesthetic and Cosmetic medicine in 1998. He trained in Paris, London and New York and since then has continuously improved and refined his technique and knowlege of Botox, fillers, facial rejuvenation witha very high level of safety and efficiency with a track record of several thousand cases.

Botox and Fillers procedures are performed in London at the 10 Harley Street Clinic W1G 9PF

Dr Vidal is GMC registered. He is a BCAM member and is yearly assessed and appraised on his practice and regular trainings and strictly follows the GMC good medical practice guidance. He has been revalidated for 5 years by the GMC in 2014.

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