Botox for the neck : the famous Nefertiti Lift

nefertiti lift botox

Pure elegance of a beautiful neck

Nefertiti Lift Botox

As a professional practitioner it always amazes me that I very rarely have demands about the neck. And when I have it is generally too late for a non surgical treatment such as the Nefertiti lift.
The neck is one of the most important component of the beauty and as such should be protected with the greatest care. No need to talk about the Joconde or Queen Nefertiti, it is really this extra “je ne sais quoi” that gives sex appeal and class. What would be Audrey Toutou or Brad Pitt without a distinguished, racy neckline ?

I wrote an article about the use of botox injections for Nefertiti lift to preserve the neck beauty and allure, you can read it by clicking this link

The Nefertiti lift is the technique using botox injections to relax the strongest parts of the superficial neck muscle (platysma). These parts are pulling the jaw line downward when ageing and are enlarging the lower third of the face. Relaxing them at the early stages of the process is a simple but elegant way to preserve the beauty of the neck.