Knee liposuction : sculpting and refining

Knee Liposuction

The knee is a highly important part of the silhouette and allure. Fatty knees can just be a cosmetic problem but sometimes they also may be a functional problem with poor lymphatic and veins circulation due to fat accumulation and pressure creating swelling, heaviness and discomfort. Knee liposuction can be rewarding on both aesthetic and functional issues.
The most common complaint about knees is : I can’t wear what I want to !. Skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, high boots… etc.


knee liposuction before. Dr Vidal. London.

Knees before knee liposuction. Dr Vidal.London.

After knee liposuction. Dr vidal.London.

Knees after knee liposuction. 8 months. Dr Vidal. London.

You can see on these pictures that the knee is surrounded by many small stubborn fat pockets which are impossible to get rid of just with diet and exercise. This can be seen with any patient, old, young, thin, overweight, healthy and active lifestyle or a bit lazy. No difference.
Also, these fat deposits are rarely symmetrical and this adds to the unpleasant look.


drawing for knee liposuction.

The fat excess above the knee is pushing the knee cap (letter P) downward.

On this picture you can see a very attractive, healthy and active young woman. But she was not happy with her knees. Once the different parts and fat pockets are individualised during the examination it becomes obvious that the knee cap (the letter P area) is looking downward.
This is because the knee cap is pushed down by the fat located above.
The knee cap is also pulled down by the fibrous fat tissue located below.

As these drawings show, resculpting the knee is not such a simple thing as you have so many different elements to take in account before the treatment.



The inner knee is also a common source of concern for many patients. There too, this is seen on a slim patient. On these pictures you can see the back of the legs.

before knee liposuction. Dr vidal london.

Inner knees are touching before the knee liposuction. Dr Vidal. London

knee liposuction after. Dr

inner knees after knee liposuction. Dr Vidal. london

knee liposuction. Inner knee.Dr Vidal. London.

Inner knee fat pocket organisation. Dr Vidal. London.

before knee liposuction. Dr Vidal. London

same patient front view.

knee liposuction 1 month result

1 month after knee liposuction. Swelling. Small incisions are fading. Shape redefinition and improvement are already visible. Knee cap has started to go up. Dr Vidal. London

Knee liposuction procedure

-We perform this procedure with a local anaesthesia. The area to be treated is infiltrated with an anaesthetic solution.

-The second step is the use of a laser lipolysis device. A laser fiber is inserted into the fat layer. This will melt some fat but more importantly will prepare the area for the insertion of a liposuction cannula. Another reason for using a laser is that the skin retraction and quality will be greatly improved.

-The final step is the liposuction itself. Cannulas are small as they must work into small areas. The objective is to correct and rebalance what has been evidenced during the clinical examination and by the drawings.

And finally

With the local anaesthesia and laser technique the immediate recovery is very fast. You leave the clinic on your feet after the procedure. We recommend to take two days off because of the normal leaking from the incisions. Bruising is normal in this area and will subside in two weeks. But It will take some time to get the final result, usually 8 months. Knees are a sensitive and delicate area, you have to be patient with them. They also have the full body weight pushing on them constantly. Swelling can be important at the beginning and decreases gradually in a few months. Collagen and tissue remodeling will still getting and looking better after a year. A high quality compression garment is more than recommended at least several hours a day for a few weeks. Patients learn very quickly when they need it and when they can take it off.


Before knee liposuction

knee liposuction result. Dr Vidal. London.

Happy patient with a short skirt. Dr Vidal.London.

When the indication is correctly examined and justified, knee liposuction is a very rewarding procedure for the patient.
Patient quality of life is greatly improved.




Dr Vidal practices at the Skin Oasis Clinic. 25-27 George Street.London W1U 3QA.

Knee liposuction costs : £ 2500-£3000 all included.



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Laser lipolysis using a 924- and 975-nm laser diode in the lower extremities