Laser Liposuction Results

Before after laser liposuction pictures by Dr Vidal

“Tumescent liposuction totally by local anesthesia is about safety, finesse, gentleness, and optimal cosmetic results.” Dr Jeffrey A. Klein .

Abdomen laser liposuction

Upper and lower abdomen have been treated. The after picture has been taken after four months. It can take more than six months for the skin to remodel, retract on the new shape. But you will see your laser liposuction results much sooner than that. Laser liposuction or liposuction can only treat the superficial (subcutaneous) fat. This fat is above abdominal muscles. When most of the fat is below these muscles (visceral fat), only a diet may help. This distinction between those two sort of fat and therefore the suitability for a liposuction is determined by the doctor at the first consultation.


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Abdomen before laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London Abdomen 4 months after laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London

Knees laser liposuction

Knees are a challenging but very rewarding area to be treated. There are a lot of different small pockets of a very stubborn  fat. Here the laser has a definitive great advantage over the traditional technique. It can access  fibrous zones such as the knee cap and free the skin from adherence. This will lift the knee and refine the leg. Patients are very happy as they can dress as they want. (results at month seven. Click to enlarge).

Knees before laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London knees drawings for laser lipo Knees 8 months after laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London.

Another example below . This a result at month two. The inner knees area has been improved, fatty bulges on top of the knee caps and  heaviness of the knees have also been corrected by laser liposuction. (click to enlarge). This patient has gained a lot of comfort. Note that the right knee was bigger on the outer side. This has also been rectified by the laser lipo. Incisions are already almost invisible. see also this post about knee liposuction

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Outer thighs Buttocks laser liposuction

The laser allows a result that would be very unlikely to obtain with a traditional technique.  Buttocks are normally not a good indication for a traditional liposuction. The laser can go there and stimulates a very good tightening.  Note how the skin has greatly improved in quality after only a few weeks.(click to enlarge)

outer thighs and buttocks before laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London outer thighs and buttocks mapping for laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London outer thighs and buttocks after laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London

Cosmetic medicine and surgery cannot turn everyone into a supermodel but it can help patients enjoying their life. The pictures below show a patient with a very important fat deposit on the outer thighs (saddlebags) when her waist is normal. Finding proper clothing is very difficult in such a situation. It is also very difficult to “go to the gym”.
The after picture has been taken after one year. This patient is extremely happy now because she lives a much better life, can dress and exercise. She is more comfortable with her body and has much more confidence in herself.(click to enlarge).

saddle bags before laser liposuction by dr vidalsaddlebags after laser liposuction by dr vidal

Inner thighs laser liposuction

Inner thighs fat pads are extremely common even with thin patients. Unlike knees this fat is readily accessible . This area requires a lot of attention from the practitioner because too much fat can be removed easily. When done properly the results are amazing, not only you fit in your skinny jeans but your overall silhouette has been improved. Click on the pictures and see how the buttocks are lifted simply by treating this inner thigh area.

Inner thighs before laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London Inner thighs 6 weeks after laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London.

Outer thighs and knees laser liposuction

This patient’s outer thighs and knees have been treated in two different sessions. The result picture has been taken at month two. Again there is a very nice skin improvement due to the laser thermal effect that stimulates collagen production.  Although Laser lipo is not a treatment for cellulite  it does frequently improve the skin texture and quality (click to enlarge). Interestingly enough, note how the inner thighs area has been improved even if this area has not been treated. This is due to less weight pushing downward. This way of addressing outer thighs liposuction has been described in 1989 as “the closed Pitanguy” by Dr Pierre Fournier, a french liposuction pioneer. He used this appellation by reference to the great Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Pitanguy. Liposuction allowed Dr Fournier to work the same  way without having to cut anything.  It works still very well today with laser liposuction. See also liposuction history

outer thighs and saddle bags before laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London outer thighs and saddle bags drawings for laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London outer thighs and knees 2 months after laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London

Arms Laser Liposuction

Arms are a good indication  for small fat deposits.  When the skin excess is important a liposuction  and an arm lift ( surgical resection of the skin excess) will be indicated.

left arm before laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London left arm after laser lipo. Dr Vidal. London

Love handles laser liposuction

Love handles are a very good indication for both female and male patients. It gives very good results with a nice silhouette refinement. The waist is really important and it is sometimes very difficult to loose this fat excess by diet or exercise. Patients gain a lot more of comfort and confidence with a better balanced body.

Love handles before laser lipo Love handles mapping love handles result after laser lipo

waist before laser lipo by dr vidalwaist after laser lipo by dr vidal

In the example above note how improving the waist lifts the buttocks and gives a nice curve to the back.

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Back handles laser liposuction

A lot of female patients come at the consultation for their outer thighs when in fact the problem is above. In this example it is clearly visible that treating the back is a better choice. A very good result can be achieved with a laser liposuction of this area. The whole body is re-balanced and the outer thighs look actually better without having been treated.

back handles before laser lipo back handles after laser lipo
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