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Lip filler London

lip filler london Before lip augmentation filler and lip enhancement. dr Vidallip filler london after lip augmentation filler and lip enhancement. dr VidalDr Vidal is a lip filler london specialist and a reputable cosmetic doctor . Lip enhancement, lip redefinition and fullness. Aesthetic Consultations-Skin Oasis Clinic 25-27 George Street Marylebone london.

Dr Vidal offers a range of advanced cosmetic and anti ageing treatments and injections :

  • botox
  • fillers : lip fillers, cheek fillers, cheekbones fillers, chin filler
  • Sculptra for facial volume loss and collagen stimulation.

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Dr Vidal is GMC registered- Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Vidal is a member of the International Institute for the Study of the Aging Male

01.11.2020 Consultations at the 10 Harley Street London.

Dr Vidal is informing his patients that consultations are available at the 10 Harley Street W1G 9PF London.

The 10 Harley Street has a solid COVID-19 policy in place. Masks and hand sanitizers are available. Social distancing is respected.

You can read the 10 Harley Street COVID-19 Update here:

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lip filler, lip enhancement, facial balance. Dr Vidal London

A lip filler can be useful for the whole facial area and not simply for the lips themselves.  Sometimes lips are not correctly aligned with the chin and the nose on a profile view.

Lips before after lip filler.Dr Vidal London

Lips are rebalanced with a lip filler. The projection improves the appearance of the chin and the nose

This can give the false impression of  a chin or a nose too long or too big when in fact they are not. It’s just that the lips need a bit more projection forward.

This highlights the fact that it is really important not to be focused only on one thing but to replace each element within the whole context, an harmonious and balanced face.

This also shows that the profile view needs to be respected. Injecting to much will project the lips too far and the result will be the “duck lips” effect.

Injecting the chin or the tip of the nose can sometimes also be used for the same purpose of facial balance. For instance, restoring the volume under the chin muscle can improve the appearance of the lower lip and enhance the jaw line.


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lips before picture. Lip filler Dr Vidal Londonlips after injection. lip filler Dr Vidal London
Back to the lips themselves, you can see on the pictures above that the projection of the upper and lower lips improves the corner of the mouth and shortens the white upper lip. The projection of the lower lip shortens the chin.

We prefer to use  a good Hyaluronic acid filler than can mix easily with the surrounding tissues without getting lumpy.

Lips are a good indication for injection when they lie onto a good facial support ( teeth, middle face facial volume). When this support is not good it is better to fix this problem first and plan the lip enhancement later.

Cost : 1 syringe Juvedem Smile £ 260.