Skin Hydratation-Moisturiser

A moisturiser is very important for your skin.

moisturiser for the skin

a moisturiser will help to repair skin damages done by physical aggression (chemicals, weather, sun) and normal genetic ageing.  A good skin moisturiser is the cornerstone  of your daily skin care. It is your first anti ageing weapon. It will protect and restore your skin plasticity, elasticity and complexion.

This page explains how these products work and gives a few examples of very good (professional) moisturisers that you can find online by clicking on their name.

If the water content of the skin is less than 10% the skin is dry, with absolutely no plasticity and no glow. Without water the skin cannot regenerate itself properly. This is why a moisturiser is crucial in the anti aging strategy.

How does a skin moisturiser work ?

The superficial skin (stratum corneum) contains natural moisturizing factors such as lactic acid, urea, free amino acids. Alpha hydroxy acids led by the very famous glycolic acid are also involved.

A skin moisturiser will work because it contains similar skin natural moisturising factor. Theses agents are called humectants and they attract water to the skin. It will also work by physically blocking the loss of water. This effect is called occlusive action and is done by agents such as petrolatum, lanolin and oils.

A sophisticated skin moisturizer will also include “barrier repairing” agents. The combination of fatty acid, ceramides and cholesterol will help to repair the skin lipids intercellular organization. These lipids are altered by soaps, dry cold weather and are replaced by the moisturiser components.

In summary

a good moisturizer is keyA basic  skin moisturiser will bring water (humectants), block water loss (occlusive action). It will also repair the skin barrier (lipids, ceramides) and  help the natural cell turnover of the epidermis.

Sophisticated moisturisers may also include SPF protection, antioxydants like vitamine C, glycolic acid to enhance the anti ageing effect.

If you would have only one thing to do for your skin care : it would be to moisturise.

Which moisturiser ?

This moisturizer crème high maintenance from Dr Sebagh® is a very sophisticated moisturiser that maintains moisture within the epidermis. It goes beyond simple hydratation by stimulating the production of collagen. It also repairs, smoothes complexion and adds vitality.  Stimulating the collagen skin production  will  allow the regeneration of a healthy, glowing skin. (this skin glow enhancement effect by collagen stimulation is also observed with sculptra injections)

From This Works® a very good moisturiser with Retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines and treating photo-damage by increasing collagen formation. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to improve skin hydration, cell cohesion and collagen synthesis
Crambe Oil reinforces the natural lipid barrier, helping to reduce water loss  and repair dry, damaged skin : extreme moisturizer

For normal to oily skin, the Skinceuticals® Daily Moisture contains vitamine E, a natural humectant with excellent water binding capabilities. Vitamine E is able of attracting and retaining 1000 times its own weight in water. This will add hydration to the epidermis.
It also contains three  algae extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin. On top of that this moisturizer includes a combination of seven extracts : Burnet, Cinnamon, Ginger, Horsetail, Thyme, Liquorice and Nettle. All work synergistically to restore moisture and minimise pores.

For any skin type : a very ambitious moisturizer from Jan Marini®, the  Tranformation cream .  This cream can also be used to  improve damaged or sensitive skin. It can be used in combination with  glycolic acid lotions or creams, Retin-A or other topical medications and makeup.

Transformation Face Cream utilizes ingredients that triggers various activities, including the rebuilding and repair of damaged cells making it very efficient for maintaining and reinforcing the appearance of youthful, healthy skin.

It includes within a high quality moisturising base some very advanced components such as :

  • – a TGF beta-1(transforming growth factor) to stimulate tissue production and repairing.
  • – a Vascular Growth Factor to stimulate new blood vessels  to support  the repairing  process.
  • – some Hyaluronic Acid to help attracting the water,  give texture with anti ageing action.
  • -Medical studies about this cream have underlined enhanced wound healing properties as well as action that appear to reverse and prevent many of the visible signs of aging. The skin improvement is quickly noticeable.

A moisturizer with SPF 20 protection Neova® Day Therapy. This one is an anti ageing moisturiser with vitamin E and protects the skin from damaging solar UV radiation. It contains also a copper peptide . This copper peptide works as an antioxidant that stimulates fibroblast (cells of the dermis ) activity. The result : hydratation, anti aging effect with  new collagen production and sun protection.