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Dr Vidal is a french aesthetic doctor for lip filler. Restructure your lip, shape and definition with high quality products and the experience of a recognised professional. Dr Vidal is a GMC registered medical doctor. He is a member of the British College for Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Vidal has been a full time London based cosmetic doctor for 10 years. he has developed a sophisticated approach of facial rejuvenation techniques aiming for a natural and attractive look.

lip filler can be associated with botox injection for the prevention of deep smoker lines.

lip filler london - smoker lines

A lip filler and botox can be used for the prevention of smoker lines

Dr Vidal uses only biodegradable fillers  such as Teosyal and Juvederm smile for a better result and safety. High quality hyaluronic acid gels are the most efficient and safest products to treat the lip and mouth area.

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lip filler, lip enhancement, facial balance. Dr Vidal London

A lip filler can be useful for the whole facial area and not simply for the lips themselves.  Sometimes lips are not correctly aligned with the chin and the nose on a profile view.

Lips before after lip filler.Dr Vidal London

Lips are rebalanced with a lip filler. The projection improves the appearance of the chin and the nose

This can give the false impression of  a chin or a nose too long or too big when in fact they are not. It’s just that the lips need a bit more projection forward.

This highlights the fact that it is really important not to be focused only on one thing but to replace each element within the whole context, an harmonious and balanced face.

This also shows that the profile view needs to be respected. Injecting to much will project the lips too far and the result will be the “duck lips” effect.

Injecting the chin or the tip of the nose can sometimes also be used for the same purpose of facial balance. For instance, restoring the volume under the chin muscle can improve the appearance of the lower lip and enhance the jaw line.


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lips before picture. Lip filler Dr Vidal Londonlips after injection. lip filler Dr Vidal London
Back to the lips themselves, you can see on the pictures above that the projection of the upper and lower lips improves the corner of the mouth and shortens the white upper lip. The projection of the lower lip shortens the chin.

We prefer to use  a good Hyaluronic acid filler than can mix easily with the surrounding tissues without getting lumpy.

Lips are a good indication for injection when they lie onto a good facial support ( teeth, middle face facial volume). When this support is not good it is better to fix this problem first and plan the lip enhancement later.

Cost : 1 syringe Juvedem Smile £ 260.

Cheek Filler, Volume Filler, Facial Filler, What to choose ?

Cheek filler, Volume filler ?

Plenty of fillers are available, cheek filler, lip filler, sculptra, voluma, implants, fat transfer, the list is endless.

Loss of volume is one of the first signs of the facial ageing process. It can happen anywhere, cheek, temple, under eye area giving a tired, sagging aspect of the face. The correction of this loss of volume requires some experience from the practitioner. Not only you have to use the right product but you also have to inject it at the right location.

As you can see on this picture the volume loss is quite global but a patient like this one will typically complain about her nasolabial folds (nose to mouth folds) and ask her doctor to inject these ugly deep folds with a filler.

Cheek filler before

Cheek filler before. Dr Vidal

cheek filler after

Cheek filler after.Dr Vidal

Doing so would be mistake and give an unnatural result because the volume would be added where it is not needed. These folds the patient is complaining about are deeper and more visible because the loss of volume has occurred above them, in the midface. There is no more support for the skin and the midface simply falls down. The volume correction should therefore been performed there.


What kind of cheek filler ?

In this case, the loss of volume is important. It would require a very large amount of usual hyaluronic acid fillers ( juvederm voluma, restylane etc..) to achieve a good correction. This would be too expensive and not very healthy as a filler is nothing else than a thick gel pushing and compressing all the structures around it.

When a large volume is required we prefer to use a poly-lactic acid filler (Sculptra). It is possible to address large areas at the same time and the filler will respect the surrounding structures. Because the obtained correction is very progressive and will create plenty of new collagen fibers the result will look very natural.

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Botox for the neck : the famous Nefertiti Lift

nefertiti lift botox

Pure elegance of a beautiful neck

Nefertiti Lift Botox

As a professional practitioner it always amazes me that I very rarely have demands about the neck. And when I have it is generally too late for a non surgical treatment such as the Nefertiti lift.
The neck is one of the most important component of the beauty and as such should be protected with the greatest care. No need to talk about the Joconde or Queen Nefertiti, it is really this extra “je ne sais quoi” that gives sex appeal and class. What would be Audrey Toutou or Brad Pitt without a distinguished, racy neckline ?

I wrote an article about the use of botox injections for Nefertiti lift to preserve the neck beauty and allure, you can read it by clicking this link

The Nefertiti lift is the technique using botox injections to relax the strongest parts of the superficial neck muscle (platysma). These parts are pulling the jaw line downward when ageing and are enlarging the lower third of the face. Relaxing them at the early stages of the process is a simple but elegant way to preserve the beauty of the neck.